It's easy to forget that when you undertake a construction project, you enter into a daily relationship with those who you hire to do it. Of course, you want quality work and you need it at a price that is realistic...but you also want it to be an enjoyable experience, right? Three times in the past 15 years we looked to none other than McMahon Construction for remodeling our house into the home that we have envisioned ourselves in. Their craftsmanship is solid and thoughtful, the bids are realistic, and above all, working with Joe and his crew of tradesman is downright fun! They truly listened to our crazy ideas, and helped us achieve them in creative ways. Even at times when we were most stressed and tired of making decisions on the little details like light switch plate covers and stucco variations, they always made us laugh. And the end result was always perfect.

Aimee McQuilkin

Joe, and his crew, were excellent to work with. Joe’s quote was right on, and he finished slightly ahead of schedule, which was amazing. He is very honest and up front. He worked really hard to make what we wanted to happen – but he also knew we were sensitive to budget, so he always got detailed quotes for “extras” and presented it to us so we could make a decision. He’s also got a good eye for design, which was really helpful. He keeps in contact communication, and never left us hanging or wondering what was going on. Joe’s subcontractors are all top notch, and he has extremely good relationships with them. Therefore, when something had to get done on our job ASAP, or something changed in the schedule, necessitating a change with a subcontractor, they made it happen for us. We were never put on the back burner by any subcontractor, and I think that is because of their working relationships with Joe McMahon. We have had three friends do major remodels or build houses since our house was done. They all had complaints of some kind, whether due to their subcontractors, or their general contractors. We had none. In fact, two of them had got quotes from Joe McMahon but didn’t go with him because his cost was slightly higher, or he was up front about the fact that what they wanted could not reasonably be done in the budget they set for themselves. Both of them ended up going over budget, over schedule, and had problems we didn’t have with Joe. I think one of the best parts of his outfit was his crew. They are excellent carpenters and craftsmen. Meticulous, detailed, sharp, efficient, and responsible. They have all been with Joe and working together as a team for a long time, too (I was told he pays excellent, and gives them benefits like 401k). They work together seamlessly. Our house was built to a T. Any questions or problems – they called us immediately, or the appropriate subcontractor. They are also fun to be around, just good guys.

Our house was done 2 years ago and Joe continues to check in, answer questions, send over people to fix problems (e.g., our kitchen faucet was recently leaking, and Joe sent our plumber over ASAP to adjust it), and just be available.

We were very happy with the exceptionally high quality of work, the attention to detail, the adherence to the budget and schedule, and the respect we felt he afforded to us as clients. Highly recommend!

Stephanie and Josh Lauer

Joe McMahon finished a two year process of building our home in the Rattlesnake valley in Missoula in 2013.  Our home was custom designed by the Seattle architectural firm Balance Associates, and finished by our lead architect Kyle Zerbey, who during the project left Balance and started his own firm Studio Zerbey.  Our home is truly a custom home and uses extraordinary construction systems for a private residence.  The home includes a steel superstructure as well as wood framing, finished concrete floors and walls, tongue and groove ceilings etc.  To say the least it was a very complicated and precision driven construction process. Joe and his crew did a superlative job in assessing, managing and executing the project.  His crew took the necessary time to make sure things were done correctly and we did not experience the many errors that are common with such a complicated and detail driven project. Joe’s team really cares about getting the job done right and they take pride in their craftsmanship; the attention to detail shows in the finished home.   Any issues we did have during or after the project were addressed and remedied by Joe, he stands by his work and is a man of his word.  Living in Missoula I know Joe is required to do many different types of construction projects from basic remodels and craftsman homes to fully custom works of art.  My experience with him is that he and his crews are capable of it all.  After he completed our home we hired him do a massive remodel to a commercial property we own in downtown Missoula. If that is not testament enough to my respect and confidence in McMahon Construction, you should know that Joe was a friend and hunting partner before he built our home and we are still hunting partners to this day. 

Andrew Parker